Natchez Downtown Development Association:

108 S. Commerce Street, Natchez, Mississippi 39120
(601) 442.2929

NDDA Members

Marketing Natchez

Advertising funds created by the hotel occupancy assessment used to market Natchez through media favored by the Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). CVB targets major markets within driving distance of Natchez---Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans, Little Rock, Birmingham, and Houston. Promotional materials are sent to tour operators, tour bus companies, and meeting planners. CVB is taking advantage of the many technological tools available to and used by travelers when planning their trips via the Internet. A goal is to produce video material to be used on web sites like You Tube, Face Book, and My Space, that can then be downloaded onto personal electronic devices, and used as a walking tour tool upon arrival in Natchez. Funds will be monitored and administered by the Natchez Tourism Marketing Advisory Committee, a committee of 3 members from the lodging industry, 2 members from the restaurant/food & beverage industry, 1 member from Natchez Pilgrimage Tours, 1 member from the business community at large to be recommended by the Natchez Chamber of Commerce, 1 member from the casino currently established and doing business in the City of Natchez (with subsequent members representing any additional casino which may be established in the City of Natchez in the future), 1 member from the Natchez Association for the Preservation of Afro-American Culture (NAPAC), 1 member from the Natchez Historic Foundation, and 1 member from the Natchez Business and Civic League. There shall only be 1 representative from a corporate or ownership relationship which may cross multiple sectors of the tourism industry. The parameters for the formation the Natchez Tourism Marketing Advisory Committee have been set forth by the Mississippi State Legislature. The marketing plan will be revised on a regular basis.


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